Colorado Company Meritech Doubles Automatic Hand Washing Machine Production During Pandemic

” These are computerized hand health systems, or they’re called clean technology systems. They fully clean and disinfect your hands in 12 seconds,” stated Paul Barnhill, the Meritech Chief of Technology. “Once you put your hands in the system instantly turns on for the first 2 secs it gives you a safe and clean water rinse, after that it’s going to blend Meritech’s exclusive hygiene remedy with the water to clean and disinfect your hands, after that it gives you a safe and clean rinse all in 12 seconds.

The business was founded in the 1990s as a solution to improve hygiene at healthcare facilities. Currently due to COVID-19, schools, restaurants, also airport terminals are installing the gadgets.

” A year as well as a fifty percent ago restaurants were looking more for the rear of the house for their workers to ensure their hands are clean. After the pandemic that transitioned to the front of the house for the clients coming in to feel more comfy entering a facility,” claimed Meritech VP of Sales and also Marketing Will Eaton.

More business has implied a lot more working with at the company’s headquarters in Golden.

” Over 200% development. We tripled the size of our sales group. We needed to revamp our production flooring to be able to include even more workstations to stay on top of the need,” stated Eaton.

The making personnel has actually doubled and so has the room they operate in to ensure they can remain effectively distanced during the pandemic. The company is intending to take human error out of handwashing, and they believe an emphasis on sanitation and also hygiene will continue to be for several years to find.

” Automation really gets rid of human error,” Eaton claimed. “Today, the message is clear and quite loud, individuals totally understand how crucial health is.”

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