Fashion includes sunglasses with multi-colored structures and baroque patterns

In ancient China, women put on peaks from leaves to stay clear of the appearance of wrinkles and also “fading eyes.” Between Ages, a semblance of sunglasses was made from the cuts of jewels.

In the 20 years of the last century Coco Chanel (it appears, she presented all that remains in it currently) offered to sunbathe and at the exact same time safeguard her eyes from the bright sunshine. In the 30s developed “pilots”, in the 50’s “chanterelles”, at the beginning of the XXI century, ophthalmologists were prohibited from showing up in the sunlight without eye protection.

Since then, the glasses occupy increasingly more space on the face, and also everything else— shape, shade, decoration– modifications according to the choices of the designers.About them and also recognized correspondent SHE.

Sunglasses almost quickly, as quickly as they entered into usage, were not a lot a protective gadget, as a way to embellish and draw in the attention of others. A guy using sunglasses looks impressive, it’s real.

Glasses, like other devices, and also even, probably, to a higher extent, should clearly fulfill several criteria. Factors not just have to protect the eyes from the sun, yet likewise to fit the form to the face, in color to the hair, to match the basic style. Today, very own picture is a lot more essential than style as well as truth, in the creation of which glasses, as an important enhancement, play a vital duty.

General strategy and sharp squeak

One method or an additional, style patterns develop and live: “There is a style for glasses, as well as for any type of accessory,” Svetlana Zubova, distributor of Marmalato devices shop, is certain. — The policy of this period is to be bright, but restrained. This fad materializes itself unlike the matte as well as shiny, metal appeal as well as exquisite coating of the framework. ” Additionally, the old-fashioned forms have actually not disappeared: “50-60s, a type of a la Woody Allen, glasses in the design of John Lennon– all this is not out of fashion,” claims Marina Vasilieva, consultant of the optics salon “Look”.

Globe designers, leaving briefly in rest the form and also products, seriously participated in color: the brightest palette of pure tones– yellow, turquoise, blue, emerald, red– is used to develop frames of classy versions.

What to do with such attractive glasses, how to combine? “The style for sunglasses ought to be naturally combined with typical fads,”clarifies Tatyana Murzina, director of optics beauty salons Tamara.– Now brilliant colors are popular in whatever, and also they do not always need to resonate with each various other– as an example, to intense blue factors you can take a yellow bag and also look at the same time in a trendy as well as unified means. ”

Regular glamor

What to do to those that can not be in bright places? As we have already said, today the focus is not on significance, but on style: “Now there is no one-only fashion fad,” clarifies Tatyana Murzina. — Every year, the normal patterns are popular: traditional, glamor, sport, and also plus to this developers use something new, this time around– a bright color. ”

In the typical directions, there have actually been some minor modifications, particularly with regard to the style of frameworks: “Finishing, regardless of the tendency” vibrantly yet with restriction, “is abundant and also diverse: rhinestones, mother-of-pearl as well as pearls are used, among the leading trends is openwork temples resembling forged ones baroque patterns,– explains Svetlana Zubova. “Medallions with logo designs, put in the middle of the holy places, are still preferred, metal applications that look particularly excellent on dark plastic do not head out of style.” Furthermore, in issues connecting to “infinite values”, such as traditional or feminine-luxurious style, dark, deep shades, tortoiseshell shade, imitation of animal skins or serpent skin are prominent.

Withstand strikes

Bearing in mind the passing elegance and fussy elegance, do not forget about wellness, all the same, glasses first of all must shield the students from the adverse impact of ultraviolet radiation, as well as it becomes much more serious each year. “Technologies always go ahead,” Marina Vasilyeva, consultant of the optical beauty salon “Look”, makes certain. — The usual optical plastic becomes stronger, an increasing number of commonly polycarbonate is made use of for the production of lenses– a incredibly shockproof and also very easy product. ” For entertainment at sea or in the hills, glasses with a polarizing filter movie are given, which does not let the gloss from the smooth mirroring surfaces. For the comfort of the eyes in city conditions, a slope is advised– a smooth shift from dark to light tinted lenses, which, incidentally, nearly nobody any type of longer makes shade– only black, brownish, gray

Now regarding one of the most crucial– the expense. In some fashion shops– such as, as an example, Mango– versions of previous periods can be bought for several hundred rubles.

Fresh imports in shops of accessories, such as Marmalato, where, according to team, the safety functions are very carefully inspected, estimated at 790 rubles. approximately 990 rubles. In Polaroid shops, brand-new models set you back about 3000 rubles. For the same quantity can be discovered in specialized optical shops new glasses of not also widely known brand names. Style homes, provided in the beauty parlors of optics, will certainly not offer their designs for much less than 10 thousand rubles, the cost can reach up to 30 thousand, as an example, for the designs of the French manufacturing facility Fred.

“The best cosmetics is sunglasses,” several celebrities seem to think. Undoubtedly, often sunglasses assist to look magnificent, with a minimum of initiative. Do not forget to raise the curtain while dealing with individuals. More and more commonly, in the regulations of good tone began to show up notes about the inadmissibility of conducting conversation over visor from dark glasses. Listen!

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