Fashionable things: the evolution of marsupials

Someone treats the bag as an exceptionally useful thing and selects a global bag for itself, focusing on quality as well as roominess. Somebody appears to the bag only an information, a device that should be transformed in mood, picked to the side, contend least 5.

The latter are not scared of bright colors, unexpected shapes and also unusual products. SHE offers a brochure of non-standard bags.

Bag-clutch made from all-natural hair– warm, comfortable, initial– 2950 rub., Askania A huge”hunting” bag with all-natural hair. Ethno-style– 7420 rubles., Askania Bag of round shape constructed from genuine natural leather and fine hair with an animalistic print– 3750 rubles.,

Askania Bag constructed from all-natural suede with natural leather inserts and memorable details”for gold”– 7590 rub., Askania Suede bag of fashionable type as well as fashionable color — 2300 rubles.

Accessorize Quilted bag of fashionable type”grandmother’s handbag”, old-fashioned style, real leather– 5180 rubles., Benetton Purple– one of the most fashionable color of the season,”messed up impact”and retro kinds– trends– 900 rubles., Marmalato Bulk bag: curious form as well as real shade. Fascinating texture of the product– 3010 rubles.,

Sisley The big bag just seems unformed– just hang it on your shoulder. Synthetic natural leather– 2870 rubles., Benetton This brownish bag will certainly fit whatever you need in the day. And also even in the evening– decorative setting up will assist– 2415 rubles., BenettonYou regret

for the pythons, but like what this fashion product resembles? Bag of fabricated natural leather for you– 2800 rubles., Benetton The white bag is the desire for movie lovers with Audrey Hepburn. Fabricated leather, lacquer– 1450 rub., Accessorize A three-dimensional bag made from synthetic natural leather will certainly advise you of summer as well as beach– 2550 rubles., Marmalato Gentle retro in a brand-new efficiency.

Note: Fashionable shade– 1450 rubles., Accessorize Velvet soft purse will fit to a layer of fine hair– 2050 rub., Accessorize Harmonizes with any kind of clothing many thanks to the color scheme of decoration, wooden hold, textiles– 2050 rub., Accessorize Unexpected classy analysis of the sports design, corduroy– 1450 rubles., Accessorize Boyfriends young ladies for active living, textiles– 2030 rubles., Benetton”Precious”torba– fashionable gilding, initial drapery.

Fabricated material– 1890 rubles., Benetton Actual huge knitting is utilized even when making bags– 1960 rubles., Benetton Quilted baulk– greetings from the 80’s. Witha”blown”jacket and a cap-“pipeline”is optimal — 1250 rubles., Marmalato Form a la Birkin, the result of”cells paper”– bag for girls with a sense of humor– 2550 rubles., Marmalato And clutches can oversize. Silver shade, artificial material, all-natural pattern– 1150 rubles., Accessorize A little purple bag. Simply a bag– 2800 rubles., Accessorize

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