Nicole Scherzinger reduced her signature super-long hair into a candid bob

On December 2, Scherzinger attended The British Fashion Awards in London, striking the red carpet in a shimmering, black Julien MacDonald dress including open shoulders and also a lariat-like neck line.

As well as those details were clearly visible because her generally long, moving hair had not been covering them; rather her almost black hair was cut and also styled into a shining, straight bob that hardly got to beyond her jawline. Split in the center with an item put behind one ear, the appearance appears to be legitimate– no fake bob or one-night wig here.

For as lengthy as Nicole Scherzinger has actually remained in the public eye, she has constantly had lengthy hair. Starting all the way back at the turn of the century with Eden’s Crush, through the Pussycat Dolls years, to her stints as Neil Patrick Harris’s cohost on Best Time Ever and also as a judge on shows like The Masked Singer as well as The X Factor: Celebrity, the vocalist has never ever been seen without glossy, normally dark-brown waves hitting someplace in between her shoulders and also her midsection.

OK, there was that one time in 2012 when she arbitrarily wore a platinum-blonde pixie wig, but that does not actually count. If you asked me to imagine her with a brief hairstyle, I ‘d really have a hard time because I’ve never ever seen her with anything but long hair. Now we don’t have to picture what she would certainly look like with a blunt bob, since that’s exactly what she debuted on Monday.

It was simply 3 days ago that Scherzinger was seen with super-long hair at a Pussycat Dolls get-together on the UK variation of The X Factor, and also she can be seen whipping it around throughout a collection of the team’s best hits.

If Scherzinger’s wholly unexpected hairstyle isn’t more proof that the sleek, blunt bob is the largest hair fad of 2019, I do not understand what is. Various other celebs that’ve switched to the design consist of Bella Hadid, Saoirse Ronan, and also Kristen Bell. And also at this price, membership in the star bob club is most likely to broaden in 2020.

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