Parker Photographer Suzanne Nevill Accused Of Scamming Clients, Associates

The initial warning was raised for Leah Zillner when her photographer canceled on her claiming it was mosting likely to rain on a flawlessly warm as well as dry day. Currently, Zillner is like dozens of brides as well as an approximated 40 partners who state Suzanne Nevill tore them off and also cops are checking out.

” I seem like I’m one of the fortunate ones that in fact obtained our images after worrying for months and months to get them,” Zillner claimed. “It ends up it’s great deals of females that are being taken advantage of.”

Zillner states as she maintained listening to excuses from Nevill, various other poor testimonials started appearing online. Over the previous weekend break, a big contingent of former clients and partners began sharing stories online.

2 patterns have emerged from tales shared in a Facebook group. Affiliates state Nevill would request their help with a last-minute plea to shoot a wedding. Lots of were never ever paid after filling out. Women and also brides that asked for boudoir shoots state they paid and after that a shoot was never ever also arranged.

” There’s nothing else word to define just how insane this is,” Zillner said. “The range of it. The reality that there are many customers and associates that are out hundreds of dollars.”

A photo from Suzanne Nevill’s website

” At the extremely starting I began as her hair and also make-up artist. I would go and drive to the workshop every day which is an hour south of here. Do hair and make-up, have 5 and also 6 girls a day at $100 a lady. It would certainly accumulate. She paid me consistently for the initial 2 to 3 months. She started getting behind, she resembled ‘I can send you $100. I can send you $25,'” claimed Ashlie Hernandez.

She said she helped Nevill for a few years as well as has actually obtained little repayments up until August. Hernandez states Nevill owes her $31,156.86.

” She’s owed me over $20,000 for the last three years, as well as she’ll send me $25 repayments, she’ll send me $15 repayments. So, it’s not like it’s anything that will certainly ever make a damage right into the overall,” Hernandez claimed.

Nevill didn’t respond to CBS4’s request for comment. She applied for insolvency today, and also her lawyer said he had no discuss this situation. Parker Police claim they’ve obtained at least 15 reports concerning Nevill as of Wednesday morning, yet many more are likely to be filed.

The police say they will deal with the 18th Judicial District Attorney to determine if there was criminal intent.

” I do assume there is something criminally occurring. Suzanne is essentially claiming I’m mosting likely to run sales so I can get some funds in so I can pay individuals back. I don’t believe that’s legal to do,” Zillner stated. “When do you realize that you shouldn’t be doing this? You proceed to do it, and also that’s where intent comes right into play due to the fact that she understands what she is doing. She’s taking advantage of vulnerable individuals and she’s doing it so she can have cash.”

Zillner as well as Hernandez say they’re concerned that Nevill has been making the most of ladies when their most prone, either with high-priced wedding event packages or boudoir fires.

” It takes so much guts for these women ahead in and also see us. They have to break down walls. A great deal of women have self-worth issues, a great deal of ladies have insecurities. When you’re doing nothing, but knocking them down as well as providing justifications and taking their cash, and also making them feel like they’re not deserving, what do you assume you’re putting into these individuals,” Hernandez said.

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