Rihanna flaunts her makeup-free face

To celebrate the launch of the Fenty Beauty Cheeks Out lotion bronzer as well as cream flush, the vocalist and also makeup magnate shared a video clip on the brand name’s YouTube network revealing all of us just how to do the “Summer Fenty Face”– the excellent, fresh, no-makeup makeup look that’s very easy as well as really looks all-natural.

Even much better, she does it in under 5 mins with just five items. Yasss this is what we’re discussing.

Missing your makeup! Not bothering with it while you’re on lockdown? Well, Rihanna is assisting you out the no-makeup opening with one of her ideal tutorials yet.

She calls it “One of my favourite appearances I’ve been shaking momentarily currently” and also adds “These items are actually lightweight, they’re additionally implied to be used anyhow you want to really. A brush is a great deal easier for me due to the fact that I’m constantly in a rush– like make-up and out!”

“It’s suggested to have a marriage with your foundation, your powder, whatever you have on your base. You can use this on your eyes, cheeks, forehead,”

RiRi then begins swabbing the new Cheeks Out Cream Bronzer in Hunnie Glaze on her cheekbones utilizing her fingers as well as blends in with a brush. “You can blend it out, have a bit of contour.”

“When I get to my forehead I actually enter because I have a truly huge forehead so I need to truly go all out.”

RiRi says, “It simply ends up being more like skin than anything else– you can not tell I have any makeup on”, adding, “that is something that is very unique. When you’re on the coastline or you wish to wake up alongside your male looking like you don’t have any type of makeup.”

She applies the Cheeks Out Cream Blush in the Petal Poppin’ color to one cheek and also Summertine Wine to the various other cheek disclosing it’s all about “your state of mind” when selecting shades, later on adding it to her lips.

“Don’t I look beach ready or booty call prepared?” she jokes at the end of the video clip.

Brb, we’re off to try it for ourselves instantly.

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