The decision of a concern on a selection of methods of an epilation depends on a bag and also top quality of hair

Although we stay in Siberia, the hair on the body as one more means to warm up is not considered and try to get rid of excess vegetation.And if the problem with the swimwear area stays for personal factor to consider, the hair-covered legs, and also particularly the underarms can come to be a social trouble– not everybody around them accepts look at them.

Today, beauty parlor as well as shops supply a substantial option of hair removal options. The correspondent of SE considered the pros and cons concerning the major methods of getting rid of unneeded hair.

Two huge differences Hair removal is called depilation as well as epilation. Depilation(de- and lat. pilus, hair )– removal of the hair shaft, which does not impact its major,” origin”part– the hair bulb, as a result of which its development is not breached. The impact of exfoliation is short-term. It consists of cutting, tweezing, getting rid of hair with the help of wax and also lotions.

Epilation– elimination with damage of hair light bulbs– extra extreme approach, resulting in a stable reduction in the number of undesirable hair. It consists of electroepilation, light hair elimination (laser as well as photo). Intermediate link can be called enzyme hair removal– a technique of hair elimination with the aid of thermotherapy making use of compounds that slow hair development.

Just how much

If depilatory methods are easier to perform as well as less costly, but the result does not last long, after that hair removal is excellent since one program suffices permanently, but it is impossible to perform it on your own and also it sets you back far more than exfoliation.

One program, for instance, photoepilation, which will certainly set you back about 5000 rubles (10 hair elimination procedures in the underarm area) will replace the month-to-month lifelong application of wax (a collection of 5 strips– 200 rubles, one procedure in the beauty parlor– from 200 to 500 rubles.). You can pick what you such as and can afford, thinking about bodily hair.

Yet if the hair grows on the face, then, according to Anna Baranova, a cosmetologist doctor, professional in trichology at the Lelea center, radical methods will certainly be needed, due to the fact that ordinary depilation will enhance their development.

In various other situations (in the armpits, in the swimsuit zone, on the shins) it all relies on the quality of the hair as well as your capacities.

Quality and quantity By the quality of hair is meant their color as well as thickness. Blond hair can not be melted with picture or laser hair removal. Light approaches deal with the pigment, so if the hair does not consist of melanin( gray )or has extremely little (blonds), after that the impact of hair removal will not be. For dark, thick or slim hair, any technique of epilation appropriates, however it must be thought about that electrolysis is a lengthy and uncomfortable process, laser is expensive and also long, photoepilation is quicker as well as cheaper, but laser is a little a lot more effective, as well as some experts, as an example Olga Vylegzhanina, a doctor -Dermatologist facility “Pasman”, thinks about one of the most tried and tested as well as reliable technique.

Follow the guidelines

Shaving slim and also black hair turns into black and also thick, which will certainly constantly leave dark dots in the area of the cut, but this technique is constantly available. Wax exfoliation thick black hair will progressively develop into black slim hair, yet there is a high likelihood of ingrown hair– after mechanical removal they tend to change their development angle, this results in the fact that the hair begins to grow parallel to the skin, turning into it and also creating pseudofollicles, which are vulnerable to suppuration.

To battle this, Anna Baranova recommends to strictly adhere to all guidelines for use, regularly (as soon as a week, 3-4 days after the treatment) to use at depilation sites (particularly the skin in the bikini area is susceptible to ingrown hairs) with body scrub or peeling– thinning skin, it aids the hair to complimentary itself. After light hair elimination, usage creams with a cooling result that gets rid of irritability. They appropriate for use and also after other approaches of getting rid of hair. If the ingrowth has actually happened, after that it is not recommended to open the follicle on its own, it is far better to do it in the cabin, where it will prevent more inflammation.

Baldness does not work.As for one hundred percentperformance, no method, except probably hard radiation or X-ray radiation, can give it. A lot more mild techniques of hair removal ensure the elimination of around 70% of hair. The staying 30 %grow extremely gradually, they are thin, light and also nearly do not call for extermination. There is an opportunity of less effect:

“In hormone-dependent zones, it is difficult hard predict the behavior of hair,” says Anna Baranova. “Hair on the reduced legs is best destroyed– this location is not as much supplied with blood as, as an example, swimsuits or armpits, as well as it does not depend upon hormonal agents.”

It is much better not to

Speak about the statement as well as contraindications. With a strong varicose blood vessels– with knots, swellings– any type of hair removal or exfoliation is contraindicated. If you are addicted to varicose blood vessels, do not utilize wax. “In any type of skin conditions, especially in the severe stage, any type of hair elimination is not suggested,” says Olga Vylegzhanina. — Although light methods have an invigorating and small healing effect, but shins as well as underarms renewal is not so important.

It is more vital to consider that photoepilation is contraindicated for those with raised sensitivity to sunlight, and for those who have actually colored sores on the skin. “

In all skin illness as well as allergies, you ought to avoid using depilation lotions– the ingredients in them are destructive not only to the hair, however additionally to the skin, usually creating severe irritation.

Well and in the rest– please, delete. Do not fail to remember that if it is recommended to utilize extra drugs (lotions, scrubs, disinfecting lotions), then this recommendations must be adhered to. You need to listen to the words of the cosmetologist informing you how to live with the epilation, as well as those that wrote the directions to the house remedy for exfoliation. As well as you will certainly be smooth.

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