The guy in the skirt

The makers of mental tests are pleased with their ingenuity.Not long back, a correspondent of SHE discovered a test for the definition of the psychological sex. Because of this, you can get your feminineness and also manliness as well as, depending upon the result, remain to engage in more severe matters or worry.

Specialists tirelessly duplicate the situation of masculinity, females on a regular basis face it in technique— trying out a male duty– with interest or ruin. The correspondent of SHE identified the relationship between the iron girls as well as guys.

Women, be take on In the remarks to the current image essay, several readers as well as visitors were upset, seeing a great deal of girls in trousers. The phone call to return to the beginnings, wear a skirt as well as end up being a female in the complete sense of the word runs the risk of continuing to be unnoticed– after all, the visibility of a skirt shows only external femininity. In a nice outfit, stressing the breast, a competitor can hide– hard, unyielding as well as aggressive.

As method programs, the laws of math work in psychology too– the amount has not changed from the rearrangement of the terms. Ladies changed functions with males, but together with an excessive feeling of flexibility, they got various other troubles. “Modern culture is experiencing a period that researchers assign as a crisis of masculinity,” recalls Natalia Churkina, associate teacher of the Department of Social Work and also Social Anthropology of the NSTU,

— It materializes itself in the truth that males are feminized– they get the attributes of ladies, and also most significantly– they absolve themselves of duty, not only for ladies and youngsters, however sometimes for themselves (alcohol, medications).

If a female takes complete responsibility: for herself, kids, parents and other half, then she performs the features of a man. ”

Such a female is really energetic in giving signals, it is very easy to recognize from the outside: stiffness in voice, lack of soft intonations, sharp gestures. “Usually, such females are obvious in the discussion, where a number of individuals get involved,” states Alena Kuzmina, director of the “Formula of Success” facility. “When an other half requests something, he will not have time to reply, as the better half currently answers forward or perhaps for him. That is, she tackles leadership functions. ”

Battle as well as Peace

If it becomes simpler for you, not only we struggle with male weak point and also women power. According to Natalia Churkina , sex duties depend not only on biological attributes, however are established in society. As an example, as a result of the research of duty actions in the tribes of New Guinea, the American anthropologist Margaret Mead discovered that in different tribes it is different: in one, both guys and also women were masculine– hostile, sexually explicit, in the other the reps of both sexes complied with women patterns of habits.

When it comes to the typical European, whose freedom is so keen on teasing in our country, unlike a Russian lady, she abides by her feminist ideological background without an outburst, just due to the fact that she can afford it. Women in Europe were energetic between Ages– joining Protestant movements as well as organizing political clubs. A Russian female does not have this experience, however usually there is a male next to him, who disengages from his obligations. As a result, for her approval of a male role can be a forced procedure.

There is one more theory clarifying the reasons that a female has side by side the burden of obligation. According to this version, the mistake of all the war and revolution, as a result of which women were left without an income producer and were forced to come to be harder as well as harsher for the survival of themselves and also youngsters.

“Someone had to do males’s features. As well as what could these females give their daughters? Youngsters learn by taking an example from their moms and dads,– claims Alena Kuzmina. “And it was dealt with, as well as also encouraged in Soviet times. The concept that a female must act out of love, preserve, and also not ruin, that a lady can count on a man, was not validated anywhere. ”

Relationships with males

Guy disapproval hostile as well as difficult women and also choose to stay away from them. Far, patriarchal stereotypes are to life, and also ladies’s power and also activity are clearly contrary to them. “Since the creation of the patriarchate, the man considered himself the owner of some benefit,” states Natalia Churkina. — A French sociologist, Pierre Bourdieu, noted that being a male implies being recognized to be in power. Ladies’s efforts to prove themselves cause a negative response of the male globe. ”

According to professionals, ladies’s trainings are successful, rich as well as clean females, yet in their individual lives they are sought by failings. “Men do not see in them a lady, because there is a sense of strength, rivalry. A guy wishes to rest in the house as well as loosen up, as well as when the very same leader in the house is a war, he experiences war and at the workplace, “clarifies the male setting of Alain Kuzmin. As for the everlasting grievances regarding male laziness, according to the psychologist, females themselves are at fault for the truth that they encounter such representatives of a solid (already in upside down commas) sex.

They either bring in males to coming to be a rigorous mummy, solving all troubles, or they themselves make them spineless as well as weak.

“When they satisfy, he acts quite usually, chooses,” proceeds Alena Kuzmina. — But she once disturbed him, another time without him decided– a man gets tired of battling this and also returns. Therefore, eventually he has actually atrophied the capacity to take duty for himself and others. ”

Female’s joy

Regarding whether it is possible to transform from an iron woman to plasticine, there is no person viewpoint. Regardless, to start with, it is worthwhile to understand whether you require this. A certain component of females appreciates their freedom and freedom– they do not require the sympathy of a married next-door neighbor. For those who experience the absence of a solid shoulder, psychologists suggest recognizing the requirement for adjustment and also erroneous behavior, approaches and also methods can be learned from publications or at training sessions. “For instance, there is such an exercise– just how to ask a lady for gifts from a man. And here the point is not that she can get it herself, however that lots of people do not recognize just how to ask in concept– they only demand, “states Alena Kuzmina.

Sociologists take a look at the possibility of global adjustment much more pessimistically. “Many people want it, yet it will not work,” Natalya Churkina claimed. — Double employment controls over most of Russian women. Well if there is a guy in any way. A large portion of separations, single-parent family members, so there is nobody to take care of her. And also if a lady is self-sufficient, she commonly positions a really high bar, for a male can not stay on top of her. “

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