Yara Shahidi Is «That Somebody» in This Badass Tommy Hilfiger Look Inspired by Aaliyah

Yara Shahidi paid tribute to Aaliyah’s renowned style in preparation for the upcoming Spring finale of Grown-ish, and also this look is taking me on a journey to the past.

«No Timbs were hurt in the making of this episode,» Yara captioned her Instagram images sharing a sneak peek at her outfit, which featured a set of Tommy Hilfiger boxers ($24), a brownish natural leather Tommy Hilfiger belt ($46), as well as a personalized Tommy Hilfiger logo bandeau top.

Yara, who plays Zoey Johnson on Grown-ish, paired her personality’s look with loose bracelet bracelets, a matching silver necklace, a set of Timberlands, as well as maroon lipstick.

While Yara’s attire is a little various than the one Aaliyah put on in her iconic 2001 Tommy Hilfiger commercial, I definitely had to do a dual take when I saw this on my control panel. She even obtained the presents right!

Keep scrolling to see Yara work her Aaliyah look in the promotion for the upcoming episode of Grown-ish and to take some design ideas from some of Aaliyah’s most popular appearances.

Yes, Those Are Tracee Ellis Ross’s Golden Pipes You Hear in The High Note Trailer

The trailer for Tracee Ellis Ross’s upcoming film The High Note gone down on Friday, Feb. 28, and also we’re appropriately awed by what can be our new favored music film since A Star Is Born mania has passed. Ross steps into the spotlight as Grace Davis, a super star singer that hasn’t made new music in over a decade and plays it safe by performing her greatest pinch hit followers. While we’ve constantly understood that Ross is a gifted starlet, swimsuit version, and also professional dancer, this is the first time we’ve been exposed to her music skill. That’s right, those dulcet tones we listen to in the trailer are really Ross’s!

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ross exposed that she sings six initial songs as The High Note‘s Grace Davis, meeting a long-lasting desire for the Black-ish actress. «It was so much enjoyable to be working in a different category as well as a different globe,» she said.

«It was also distressing for me to encounter my dreams, I was so afraid to sing! I actually desired this manuscript for as long and I wanted this duty. I went after it as well as I’m so delighted with just how everything ended up.»

Some people could presume that Ross attracted ideas from her superstar mother, Diana Ross, but the celebrity discussed that other than both females being impressive as well as often painted as a «queen,» her mother’s life really did not affect her representation. «In all sincerity, none of this is taken from the globe I understand of being my mother’s child,» she said.

She went on to share that the role has actually been «life-altering» for her. We wish the experience was life-changing enough to spur the starlet to tape some songs of her own, but for currently, we’ll simply pore over what we can listen to in the trailer till The High Note hits cinemas on May 8!

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