Right here’s exactly how to do away with those pesky areas you get after shaving

You might not have actually heard of it, yet opportunities are you’ve experienced a moderate instance of folliculitis at some point in your life.

Yet do not stress. We’ve hit up the skin professionals to find out precisely why it happens, just how to treat it, as well as exactly how to avoid it coming back.

What is folliculitis?

A typical skin condition where the hair roots end up being blocked, creating pus-filled places to appear.

“Folliculitis is a skin breakout triggered by inflamed hair follicles. The breakout includes numerous red bumps, commonly with a small pus-filled ‘blister’ (called ‘pustule’) on the top,” claims Dr Stefanie Williams, skin specialist and also Medical Director at Eudelo. “Any hair bearing skin area can be impacted, consisting of back, buttocks, breast, arms and legs. The most common skin location to be affected in both men and women are the buttocks.”

Dr Williams goes on to keep in mind that there are various types of folliculitis, some more superficial, others much deeper. “Acne pustules are, purely speaking, additionally a kind of folliculitis,” she says.

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Why does it happen?

Well, according to Dr Anne Wetter, co-founder of Allel DNA Skincare, “It’s usually brought on by a germs called staphylococcus aeries, which is part of the microbiome on the skin and also not creating any type of troubles, however if it enters into your skin, for example through a razor cut, folliculitis could establish,”

Other reasons can include hair follicle clog (caused by oily, adhesive plasters or paraffin-based lotions) or inflammation (like an in-grown hair).

What’s the best therapy?

Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to deal with in your home, especially if it’s a light case.

“You can make use of topical antiseptics as well as topical acne therapies,” states Dr Williams.

If the trouble lingers or spreads out, pop to the doctor, that may recommend something more powerful. “Neomycin or mupirocin lotions, which are both topical antibiotics, can be really effective in persistant cases,” states Dr Wetter.

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What can you do to prevent it?

“Thorough health, for instance with antiseptic cleansers such as Hibiscrub skin cleanser, antiseptic moisturizers such as Dermol lotion and also disinfectant skin sprays such as Clinisept spray, are excellent procedures that can reduce the danger,” claims Dr Williams.

Dr Wetter agrees, and also notes you should also prevent limited garments to “assist to lower the friction between your skin and also the product” and additionally stay away from hot tubs and also bathrooms. “There’s a bacteria called pseudomonas that develops in warmed pools that are not well regulated and can causes folliculitis.”

Besides that, alter the razor that you shave with consistently and stay clear of abundant oils if you are vulnerable.

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