Here’s What Brides Would Do Differently

Getting married is a pretty big deal. Not only because you get to marry the love of your life (which is, of course, important), but also because you’ll probably fork out a rather hefty sum for the occasion.

According to wedding planning website Bridebook, the average amount that British couples spent on their wedding day in 2021 was £24,000, so it’s no small fee. But what happens if you regret parts of your wedding?

This is what some brides are experiencing, so they are sharing their wedding regrets on TikTok to prevent other couples from making the same mistake.

In fact, the term “wedding regrets” has over 82.2 million views on the social media platform, with users revealing they regret everything from buying designer shoes to going on their honeymoon straight away.

So if you’re getting married in 2023 or beyond, here are the biggest wedding regrets according to brides on TikTok.

1. Buying designer shoes

User @rendagrella said that buying designer shoes worth $1,500 (£1,248) for her wedding day earlier this year was her biggest regret. “I honestly could have just worn flats,” Renata said.

Another regret she had included leaving for her honeymoon the day after her wedding as she was “violently hungover”.

2. Photobooths and polaroid camera guest books

Another video, which has been viewed 1.8 million times, sees Caroline Ripa (@carolineripa) detailing her wedding regrets including having a photobooth, polaroid guest books, and disliking her hair on the wedding day.

In the video Ripa explained that she wanted a “Kardashian-style” photobooth with a white background but that this was not provided and not many people, including her and her new husband, used the photobooth.

Of the polaroid cameras, she said this was a “huge regret”. “Nobody used it,” she added. “I think about 10 people signed the guest book. So I have this very expensive guest book, I spent a s*** tonne of money on film, and nobody used it.”

Ripa explained that her hair also didn’t feel like her and she wish she’s been more clear with her hairstylist. However, if she was going to do her wedding again she would get more disposable cameras because she “loved” those.

3. Not doing a first look

User Lovey Lee (@alittlebitlovey) said that if she could do her wedding again, she would “100% do a first look”.

“I ignored the advice from TikTok, my wedding planner, my photographer, and friends, I did not listen to them when they said ‘you have to do a first look’. I was just adamant that I wanted that really authentic reaction to come as my husband saw me when I was walking down the aisle,” Lee explained.

“Deep down I just really wanted him to cry, he’s not a crier, so I thought when he sees me he’s going to get really emotional and he did not cry. I think I was riding my entire decision on whether or not he would cry which was so stupid looking back because he’s no a crier. And I also wasted valuable time where we could have done all of our portraits together earlier and I could have enjoyed cocktail hour, but instead I was rushing the photos so I could get to cocktail hour.”

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