In support of my precious Femfresh

The reason I’ve ended up here, literally discussing vaginal washes as well as additionally utilizing them, is for one reason alone– a large blunder. I enjoy scented body laundries.

I enjoy them so much that years ago I accidentally ended up utilizing my precious Jo Malone in my nether areas. I shrugged it off– I do not commonly get concerns down there– she’s quite robust. It’ll be amazing.

And, frankly, who doesn’t want a vaginal area scented like delicate pomegranate latticed with a bubbly waft of incense?

I prepared this piece as a happy, however somewhat guilty ode to the occasional womanly wash. My statement was mosting likely to be (in homage to the opening gambit of The Guilty Feminist podcast): “I’m a feminist, however I like Fem Fresh.” However the even more I’ve checked out it, the more I think my not so serious mindset to deep-south cleansing might be much more troublesome than I would certainly become aware.

What complied with wasn’t that stunning great smelling scene. What complied with, was thrush. Biblical yeast infection, like a pester of itch. It took 2 rounds of Canesten, probiotics, 2 pots of Yeo Valley (all-natural, not Greek) and a GP check out to clear.

From that day, I swore never to utilize anything because location once again that wasn’t created for her. And also what I utilized instead, was Fem Fresh. I figured it was insurance, just in situation any kind of shower gel unintentionally snuck in there and required getting rid of. Fem fresh, would do that for me, Fem Fresh is a friend.

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