Narrow shoes as well as high heels prompt the formation of corns

Open footwear do not let you unwind— your feet need to remain in great condition. In the summer in drug stores closer to the sales register promote plasters— ladies, examining new shoes, buy safety stickers in bunches as well as zaleplaet rubbing.

Also if the top sight is optimal, then it is only you that understand the bitterness of lengthy walking on heels— the burrs. Hard growths on the soles of the feet or on the fingers have nothing to do with either aesthetic appeal or health and wellness. All this (and also calluses, as well as natoptyshi) of delight in life does not include.

Open up shoes do not let you kick back— your feet should be in good problem. In the summer in drug stores closer to the cash registers advertise plasters— girls, checking new sandals, acquire protective sticker labels in tons and zaleplaet massaging.

Also if the top sight is perfect, then it is only you that recognize the anger of long walking on heels— the burrs. Solidified developments on the soles of the fingers or feet have absolutely nothing to do with either aesthetics or wellness. All this (and also calluses, and also natoptyshi) of happiness in life does not add. What to do with them, found out the reporter of SE.

Different points»On the precious on the callus «it is hard ahead— you do not have time to love calluses, they quickly pass.» Corn is an acute process, as an outcome of which a cavity aspect including a liquid appears,» discusses Olga Vylegzhanina, dermatologist at the clinic of professor Pasman.— Due to mechanical traumatization happens exfoliation of their very own skin.» That is, callus— these are the bubbles that can be observed in the evening after the initial day of using new shoes, especially they «love» places where the bands or joints are continued the skin.

Often, words «corn» is recognized as an additional, no much less unpleasant sensation on the foot. Natoptysi— this is the one that has time to «fall in love»: «Natoptysh is a chronic condition, keratinization in places of constant pressure and also continuous traumatization,» the medical professional claimed. — When using shoes with heels, the location of the toes frequently comes under the risk area. » We can state that natoptysh is a safety response of the body: under stress, in order to avoid deeper injuries, the skin builds up layer by layer in order to withstand the load.

Equally unpleasant

Frequently, the corns appear with flat feet, with love of slim footwear and improperly high heels integrated with the overweight carrier— in general, in all situations when the stress on the foot is uneven and also unphysiological.

You can claim that the burrs show up when walking itself does not bring pleasure, so to remove the reason— most often unpleasant footwear— is to make your life easier.

Are corn and also calluses hazardous or their appearance just undesirable? In the dental caries of the callus can get dirt and also swelling start. Натоптыш except for undesirable experience from that on your feet at you a firm outgrowth, triggers a discomfort at walking barefoot, in footwear on a thin or level sole. Neither calluses neither corns touch deep layers of the skin, they do not germinate with «origins», so it’s not so challenging to defeat them.

Getting Rid Close

Clean the corn and also now on the thumb or little finger shows off the bubble? «Disinfect the afflicted location, open the cavity and remove the fluid, after that sanitize it once more,» encourages Doctor Vylegzhanina. Footwear that are the reason for the problem, do not put on up until the callus dries. The treated area can be secured with a plaster, but during the night it is better to remove it to make sure that the aching spot does not melt. After the leg is accustomed to new footwear, the calluses quit showing up, but it’s worth taking care that the material of the footwear is soft and does not massage.

The natypes appear longer as well as are not eliminated promptly either. In the Stylish manicure workshop, the SHE correspondent was informed that right now there are 2 kinds of battling with natypeshes with the assistance of a pedicure. If the seals are crude and big, they can be gotten rid of with the help of an edged pedicure. On the website of the cut, they often expand back again. Specifically if the feet are treated much less frequently than when a month.

The second method is to frequently do either European reckless, or a SPA-pedicure with unique antimosol masks. From the first time the growths will certainly not go away, however they will come to be softer, as well as slowly the desired impact— removing the rough onslaught— will come and will be lengthened.

Continuous foot treatment— a regular pedicure, it is likewise appropriate for residence with steaming in the bathroom— lubrication with a special hanker the feet will certainly stay clear of the aging of the corns to a degree of pain.

«Old wounds» commonly flake themselves, if you persistently make warm bathrooms with soft drink, which soak your feet for half an hour, after that lube the fit to be tied and also wiped dry feet with a special lotion or gel to soften the corns, paste antimoure patches (apply these funds directly to the afflicted area, without affecting the healthy and balanced skin neighboring).

Olga Vylegzhanina advises using items consisting of urea (a solid moisturizing component) as well as possessing a powerful keratolytic (exfoliating) impact. Sometimes, the attack can be the outcome of a fungal infection of the skin, as well as for its treatment it needs a different plan, more major, so if you have suspicions, it’s better to turn up to the master.

Under the hood

In the image research laboratory «Person Lab», the nail master Elena Zakamskaya informed the SHE reporter that the gel pad, which softens the pressure, can shield her from the puffiness, she shuts the base of the toes. From the outgrowths on the fingers will help unique gel caps that can be used and with open shoes. In drug stores, all this can be bought at a cost of 120 to 300 rubles.

As well as prevention— comfortable footwear, affordable using heels (no more than 3-4 hrs a day)— as well as continuous treatment: normal pedicure, every night application of moisturizing hanker the feet, rejuvenating baths— will assist the skin not to eliminate as well as not overgrow with natypeshes. Appreciate your body!

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