Russian Court Sentences U.S. Ex-Marine to 9 Years for Police Assault

A Russian court on Thursday sentenced former U.S. aquatic Trevor Reed to nine years in prison for attacking 2 law enforcement officers while drunk last year.

Reed, a 29-year-old trainee and former marine from Texas, supposedly assaulted police after participating in a celebration in Moscow.

He showed up putting on a facemask in a cage for offenders in a court room in the Russian funding as the court reviewed out the guilty decision, stating the law enforcement agent had suffered “mental as well as physical harm.”

Reed was handed 9 years in a chastening swarm, according to an AFP reporter in the court room.

” This is entirely a political instance,” Reed told journalists after the decision.

” I will be asking my federal government for political assistance.”

The case has caught the attention of US mediators in Russia and also US Ambassador John Sullivan said he was complying with proceedings in addition to the trials of various other Americans restrained in Russia.

Reed has been kept in a Moscow prison in pre-trial apprehension given that August 2019. He begged innocent to the charge, claiming he remembers nothing of the event.

His household has actually increased the alarm over what they say are abnormalities in the process and claimed the prosecution’s ask for an almost 10-year sentence was unreasonable.

Reed’s father Joey informed reporters after the judgment read out that he was planning to appeal directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the test which he claimed was “totally corrupt.”

” We are not suggesting about Russian law, we are suggesting regarding just how Russian regulation is used,” he told reporters.

Reed’s case has stood out owing to the lengthy sentence dealt with by a U.S. citizen as well as supposition in Russian and also U.S. media that Reed might become part of a detainee swap.

In June, Russia founded guilty U.S. citizen Paul Whelan, also an ex-marine, to 16 years in a chastening swarm for reconnaissance, triggering speculation he could take part in a detainee swap.

Whelan’s brother David claimed in a declaration on Wednesday that “our household is not privy to federal government discussions, if there are any kind of, about Paul’s case.”

Sullivan has actually additionally elevated issues over the case versus Michael Calvey, a prominent American investor who was arrested last year for presumably ripping off a Russian financial institution.

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