The best things to do in London this summer, from events to exhibits

London in the summertime, it’s irresistible, isn’t it? Okay, forget that we aren’t terribly geared up to take care of our yearly two-week heatwave (that’s where hand-held followers and a lot of ice lollies come in handy), but also for the most part, summer is the best time for us to venture out there and explore what the British resources has to offer.

Gone are the icy cold, unpleasant days (4pm sunsets, we do not miss you), unattractive grey skies and long evenings before the telly, and also in are the remarkable rich greenery of London’s vast parks, the historic significance of the city’s most magnificent architecture and also a whole lot of amusement and festivals to keep you partying and also socializing till the early hrs. Bliss.

And as Londoners, we’re fortunate to have virtually everything at our door quit.

Whether your passions are songs, purchasing, food, the royals, and also much more, you will certainly not have a possibility to be bored this summertime.

And if you really feel overwhelmed with all the options of what you can be doing while the weather condition is exceptional, GLAMOUR has you covered below! So add your suncream, pop on your tones as well as slip on your shoes because we’re not staying at residence for the next few months.

See you there!

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