I Am Proud to Say I Went to Community College

The reality is, my moms and dads and I decided together that I would certainly start my education and learning at Diablo Valley College. I was an A student, I was associated with lots of extracurriculars, and I recognized specifically what I wished to major in, so the fear of not getting in anywhere was not the problem.

There had not been any issues. I selected to go to college where I did due to the fact that I would be conserving hundreds of bucks prior to transferring to the university of my option– which’s precisely what I did.

I mosted likely to area college, and I absolutely do not regret it. When I remained in secondary school, I really felt embarrassed to inform my peers where I was headed. Being pals with a group of supersmart AP students, I was made to really feel as though I was selling myself short by several classmates. It’s as if people believe that beginning your education at a junior college is surrendering.

What I really did not understand during my time at DVC is that I would reap a lot more advantages than just conserving money. Area college is a sensible choice for all kinds of reasons.

Here’s what I removed from beginning where I did:

  1. I really did not enter into debt. While mosting likely to area college I lived in the house, functioned 30 hrs a week, as well as paid little course costs. Once I moved to an additional school, I was also able to conserve up thousands of dollars to use as spending money. My household and I were really comfy financially by the time it was time to transfer.
  2. I experienced a high college acceptance price. After my two years at neighborhood university, I was approved to all four colleges I applied to. It’s a recognized reality that universities often tend to approve a greater percent of transfer trainees than they do fresher pupils. You have even more of an opportunity of going to the university you’re fantasizing of.
  3. I was compelled to stay concentrated. You can not transfer to an additional university without every one of your basic education completed. That indicates the difficult mathematics course I wanted to avoid or the uninteresting scientific research course I had not been thrilled to take needed to be passed or it would have been impossible to go up. At a four-year college, individuals usually fall back on ending up those classes since they don’t have a two-year due date. Having that time limitation aided me to obtain a bachelor’s degree in 4 years.
  4. I grew up actually quickly. I didn’t get to roll out of my dorm room bed in the morning as well as stroll to class. I had to drive 10 miles to my courses on a daily basis. I likewise found out a whole lot regarding money management given that I didn’t use financial assistance in jr university (It’s so inexpensive I really did not need to). I was making every effort in the direction of moving, so prioritizing my obligations and finances was something I began thinking about when I was 18 years old. There was no room to be careless.

I recognize that many individuals will argue that I really did not get to have the best college experience, and that’s true. I don’t understand what dormitory life is like, and I never went to big fraternity celebrations. In some cases I wish I had those memories, however that path had not been right for me. The reality is that my bachelor’s degree is from San Francisco State University, it states absolutely nothing regarding the neighborhood college I mosted likely to. And also as we talk I’m resting below as an author for among the biggest independent authors of lifestyle content for females. I think I turned out alright.

My factor is, if you went to neighborhood university or plan on going, it’s not something to be embarrassed of; it’s something to be pleased with. Nobody ought to make you feel negative regarding it. What it all comes down to is that you’re furthering your education and learning and that’s something anybody can feel great regarding.

Did you go to area university? Tell us about your college in the comments listed below.

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