Mariah Carey’s Sexiest Music Videos Will Have You Feeling LOTS of Emotions

As a young Mariah Carey fan that had totally worn out her duplicate of Daydream, I strongly bear in mind viewing the “Honey” video clip in 1997 as well as ultimately having my globe rocked.

At 12 years of ages, I could not think that my priceless Mariah Carey– she of frolicking in blossoms, riding roller coasters, and also crooning on a tire swing at Summer camp– was doing choreography. In a swimwear top. With sailors. By the time the “Heartbreaker” video dropped 2 years later, I was fully dedicated to the cleavage-baring, choreographed-dancing Carey.

I sliced the waistband off all my pants and committed myself to finding out dancing steps, which I adeptly did for good friends at sleepovers. If this was the “brand-new” Mariah Carey, then dammit, I was going to be “new” as well.

Fast-forward to today: Mimi has long been liberated, as well as I’ll always attribute her with helping me really feel comfy sharing my own budding sexuality (nonetheless awkwardly) and also inspiring me to take a set of scissors to my Bongo pants.

In honor of her eternal importance in both my life as well as the world at large, below are Mariah Carey’s hands-down best music videos throughout the years.

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