This Japanese brow product is actually hairs in a jar and also people are freaking out

We all know that your eyebrows can make or break a makeup appearance (or an occupation– we’re looking at you, Cara!)

Done well, they can boost and also lift, include form and pump up the dramatization. If they’re over-plucked, badly loaded or shakily-stencilled, they can transform go to all the wrong factors.

We understand what you’re believing, if only there was a means to amazingly grow even more eyebrow hairs without having to hand over for a full-on transplant! WELL, one Japanese brand has provided it a red warm choose an item called: Reallyyy? Brow Extension.

The product is packaged in a similar way to Benefit’s Ka-Brow!, however as opposed to a pomade being discovered inside the pot, a gel-like substance filled with huge fibres that appear like ‘hairs’ can be located.

We initially spotted it on Vogue Korea’s Instagram, where it looked quite promising …

But since then, many Youtuber’s have actually tried their good luck with the glue-on eyebrows as well as have not rather had the same impact …

If you have a stable hand as well as a hell of a great deal of perseverance, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.

For now we’ll be sticking to our top picks of accurate pencils, gels, and pomades …

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